Checking in!

Posted by Ann Clough on

Hello! I didn't mean for it to be so long before the next message.

I've been working little bits here and there--many thanks to those of you I've gotten to work with. There have been a lot of custom sets that have really helped to get and keep the creative juices flowing. That's been a much needed tonic.

These last few weeks have been slightly interrupted by a wasp! I have a known bee-sting allergy. My reactions to stings have been increasing over the years. I had to start carrying Epipen 2 years ago.

A sting to my NOSE 2 weeks ago while watering my greenhouse has knocked me for a loop. I got to my cocktail of zantac and benedryl AND the Epipen within a minute. but still got to visit the ER (Scary during COVID. Had to go back by myself).

Swelling finally resolved 6 days later, and I thought all was well. I seemed to have a relapse this weekend on Arthur's 9th bday, no less. a relapse and/or the start of an infection from all the previous swelling. So, I'm back on a LOT of medicine. But am improving. and trying to be normal 

Sorry, I love you all, but I am not sharing pictures of me looking like elephant man/cat woman from all the facial swelling. The kids did spout some very memorable quotes during this time. (Arie: "Dad, I'd rather look at her legs than her face." and have been very, very brave. It was scary for them to see Mommy get so sick.

I will be doing what I can to work this week! I have some neat crowns to get to work on this week. That helps.

So, 2020, you haven't gotten rid of The Crown Lady, yet!