New season, New Crowns, New resolve...

Posted by Ann Clough on

As you can tell, I go in fits and spurts with my posts.  I'm not very good at sitting down in one place and typing.  I better with being up and around.  Making things :).  I want to be better about sharing that stuff with you.  I am trying again to be better about it.

It's been a busy fall with the kids.  SO much going on.  But I know it's the same for all of you.  

Here's a new Crown set...what to name it?! (It's officially been named the "St. Gregory")  Argh!  I am not good at listing.  I think I should hire someone to do my listings and take pictures so I can just make stuff all day....

I am also finding that it is so incredibly difficult, when you have an at-home business, it (surprisingly) become increasingly difficult to balance work/family life.  I want to do stuff with and for my kids and their school.  I see a lot of needs that I can fill there. It fills my heart.  

But I think I'm at the tipping point.  I need to claim some of that time back for me and my business. It sounds funny to say that I need to be more protective of my time.  Sounds better than saying I need to be more Selfish :)