St. Anna Crown Set

Posted by Ann Clough on

I can't even begin to tell you how long I've wanted to offer a wooden crown set.  I've tried a half a dozen different ways to bend, cut, scream, cry and bend some more to get wood to work.  But it hasn't worked.  Until now....and my Laser cutter.  (Remind me to tell you later about the home-made pressure cooker/more like a homemade bomb lookin' thing my Father-in-law made for me to try try and get wood strips soft enough to bend!)

You see, the laser beam, itself, has some width to it.  Just like a saw blade.  So when it cut through something, it leaves a minute space gap.  That is called the kerf. If you space out your cuts just right (and get the power and speed just right too....), then you can create a series of cuts that will work for you.  The cuts become part of the design, and they allow something as rigid and  strong and unyielding as wood, to actually bend!


So I have created this particular design to feature a classic 3-bar cross.  This particular set is made from Mahogany.  I've rubbed tung-oil into the wood to seal and protect it.  I am so happy to finally be listing this as an official took so long to get it just right! to get it made in other wood types...and then, more designs! 

St. Anna - Mahogany  --I have these listed in the Metal, Floral, and textile crown categories...really wasn't sure where to put this!