Still Here, but not making Crowns

Posted by Ann Clough on

The Summer FLEW by! 

I finished out the School Year as a 5th grade teacher, and was asked to stay on to teach during the Summer School Session.  What motivated me to actually do it was, my school needed a STEM teacher for the summer.  STEM is totally my thing.   The summer program went well, and I actually ended up teaching 2 classes simultaneously.  It was rather hectic, but good.

Then I found out our building STEM teacher was retiring...and I was offered her job.  Again, I felt like God was pushing me in this direction....and I need to follow this path.

School has been in session for a week and a half, and I LOVE being a Related Arts/Specials teacher.  Getting to help kids do ALLLLLL the projects is just the right challenge for me at this moment in my life.

It also means, I'm in charge of our 9 Robotics Teams.

I'm also going back to school...Getting my Masters in Elementary Education.

Fortunately, It's still working out for me to stay on our our Church-School Director, too....It's a busy schedule over day at a time!  I think of all of you out there on a daily basis.  I am sorry that I am not making crowns at the moment (I am still doing Bread Seals--via Etsy).  I know that everything will come full circle and I will be back to the crown business in due time.