Thoughts and THANK YOUs!!!

Posted by Ann Clough on

1) THANK YOU to all of you wonderful customers who have ordered crowns these last few days.  You are forever in my heart.  Your orders have gone a long way for ensure OWC stays open.   

2) At the persistent urging and support of a friend, i'm finally getting some silly bracelets posted.  available both on the accessories page and page. 

3) Not trying to make light, or take advantage of the current situation, but seeing how many summer weddings are still going forward....and knowing that are suggestions, and sometimes local laws, about wearing face masks....I am wondering if I should start offering face masks on the site?   I will probably post something on the accessories page today.  I have to admit, know that I can laser onto fabric, it's is weird to offer customized (bride+groom + Wedding date) face masks as a wedding favor option??!!! 

Here's what fabric-lasering looks like (I did it for a local Country/Gold Club needing masks for their workers.  I lasered their Logo onto the masks)