Tricky Day

Posted by Ann Clough on

Today hasn't gone at all as I had hoped.  The personal life annoyances are one thing, but what has truly got me stress-eating the cookies my daughter set aside for herself (I'm gonna hear it tomorrow!), is--of all things--lasering metal trays.  This has NOT been a good laser day.  I have ruined so many trays today, it would make your eyes water if you knew how many.

I'm completely out of brass trays.  Can't' get more.  They've always been hard to get.  My success rate with the silver trays isn't that much better right now.  I didn't get any other work done, as I was messing with trays the entire day...well, that and my kids who seemed so much more high-maintenance today than most other days.  I'm seeing everything through a grumpy lens at the moment.  

For the time being, I'm taking a bunch of tray things out of stock from the site.  That's how grumpy I am.  It may simply be a case of my tube getting old and loosing its oomph. I feel so bad about having to cancel an order with this whole tray situation.  :( .  

Tomorrow will be better.  But I'm still taking some trays off the site for now!