Classic Gold Crowns

Regular price $300.00

If you are looking for just a straight-forward pair of gold crowns, then I think you might be really pleased with these.

To be more specific, these crowns are actually made of 14/20 gold filled metal. What does that mean? These crowns are made of a material that has a core of 90%copper and 10% zinc. Then, this base metal is coated in a layer of 14K gold. "Gold Filled" means that you are getting more than 2x the amount of gold than what you would get in a "Gold Plated" product.

These crowns are .25" tall and have been formed into my standard size of just over 7" in diameter. Polishing cloth included.

Price listed is for the set of 2 crowns.  

Usually ships within 1 business day. 

(These crowns accept an interior engraving very well.  Visit the engraving page to add this detail.)