St. Ignatius, Antiochian style

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The St. Ignatius crowns are hot off the work table! This is a design that I have been trying for months and months to get to work. I have finally found the right combination of engraver, table-mounted jigsaw, grinder, polisher, engraver, and back to the polisher to create these crowns. They're truly hand-crafted crowns.

The triangle front replicates the very traditional styling of crowns you will often find in Antiochian Orthodox Churches. The crowns taper to .5" tall. This set features a 1" tall byzantine cross engraved in the center.

This listing is for the Antiochian styling of one gold crown and one silver crown.  The gold in this case is brass. The silver is a mirror finish Stainless Steel. Shipped with a polishing cloth.  These crowns accept an interior engraving very well!

Sold as the set of 2 crowns. Usually ships within 4 business days.