St. Ignatius, Brass

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The St. Ignatius crowns are hot off the work table! This is a design that I have been trying for months and months to get to work. I have finally found the right combination of engraver, table-mounted jigsaw, grinder, polisher, engraver, and back to the polisher to create these crowns. They're truly hand-crafted crowns.
These crowns are cut out of a single sheet of 1" tall brass. The triangle front replicates the very traditional styling of crowns you will often find in Antiochian-Orthodox Churches. The crowns taper to .5" tall. This set features a 1" tall byzantine crowns engraved in the center.

The brass crown is sealed to help prevent tarnish. Sold as the set of 2 crowns. Usually ships within 4 business days.
(These crowns accept an interior engraving very well.  Visit the engraving page to add this detail.)